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I have taken nexium for years.....i have tried to take other

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I have taken nexium for years.....i have tried to take other drugs but always have to go back to muscles are weak, no energy ..i used to run but i can't and gained weight...i still just i forgot to take nexium ...felt great and had energy..didn't know why..but later i had acid reflux and knew i didn't take the damn pill.... not sure nexium is all my problems but i bet it is part of it if not all......What else can i reflux and heartburn is real bad.........there has to be another drug somewhere...

Thank you..please help.......CDG
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

long term use of nexium can cause low magnesium levels which can affect your nerves and energy. have you had your magnesium levels checked?

also long term use of nexium can cause atrophic gastritis as well.

have you been tested for H Pylori infections of the stomach? this stomach bacterial infection can also worsen stomach acid production

have you had an upper endoscopy scope procedure to look down into your stomach to check for stomach ulcers?

you need your gastrin levels checked as well. high gastrin levels can also cause excessive stomach acid production.

a good GI doctor can run all of these tests for you.
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