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I need a quick reply as I am scheduled for surgery day after

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I need a quick reply as I am scheduled for surgery day after tomorrow and not sure if I should keep the appt or cancel.

I had a PET Scan of my lymph nodes. Some on my neck area are swollen, although since having the PET scan, it seems as if some have gotten a little smaller. I am scheduled for a biopsy day after tomorrow (Aug 22)

The report I received from the PET scan said:
Adenopathy in the neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis. The majority of these nodes are only mildly hypermetabolic in spite of some of them being on the larger side.

I question whether I need to rush into having the biopsy? And especially at this time because of a recent back injury. I fell and CT Scan showed a compression fracture. I am on pain meds but the pain is still quite severe. I also am having some high blood pressure readings (couple of days ago it was 206/69 and today 190/78) I’ve taken other readings throughout the day and it has not gone much below 170/… in the last few days.

Besides that I just received an extensive report back from a microbiology profile, stool culture that says I have candida zeylanoides. I knew my immune system was not well. I was diagnosed with celiac disease (auto immune), also have neuropathy. My system does not absorb food well.

With all of this, especially a weak immune system, is it wise to have surgery? They want to take a portion of or mabey all of two of my lymph nodes on my neck. I will have to have anesthesia because I have a pacemaker. It needs to be done in a hospital.

I don’t feel my body is in good enough condition to have surgery, even if minor. I don’t know if it can withstand more trauma than it is already under.

I need advice on this. Thank you.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

I am a cancer doctor

if there are lymph nodes in the neck which are enlarged, they can be sampled by a CT guided or ultrasound guided biopsy. you don't need an open surgery or neck dissection surgery to remove lymph nodes which are most likely benign or reactive node to begin with.

an ultrasound guided biopsy does not need anesthesia and you don't have to go through surgery to find out what is going on in those lymph nodes.

an interventional radiologist can do this sort of biopsy

let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What you said can be helpful if I were to cancel my surgery and go looking for a radiologist. I might have to cut ties with my present onocologist and the surgeon. This would be the second time to cancel, if I did as the other time I had unanswered questions. I think your way presented sounds like the better way.


What medical conditions in a person might warrant postponing a surgery?

severe infection, illness, flu,

best of luck to you

let me know if you have other questions.

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