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I'm currently taking minocycline (Akamin 50mg x2 per day)

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I'm currently taking minocycline (Akamin 50mg x2 per day) and I have noticed in the last few days my ears have felt blocked and I have had a ringing in them.
Is this due to the medication and is it normal?
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Yes, these symptoms could easily be due to the medicine, although most people do not develop such symptoms. Most people tolerate the minocycline without adverse effects, but one of the possible side effects is a ringing in the ear. When ringing does occur, it is usually not severe and can be tolerated and resolve when the course of the medicine is completed, if a short course is being used. However, if the ringing is more severe, then it may be necessary to consider stopping the minocycline and use a different antibiotic. Similarly, if the drug is being prescribed for chronic use, it may be necessary to consider a different antibiotic.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There is also another thing i was concerned about relating to the loss of hearing and ringing. I have also in the past few days been listening to my music pretty loud with earphones in and i'm worried now that I might have damaged the hairs inside the canal and that is why i am experiencing this. Do you think these symptoms could also be related to that maybe?

There would not be any permanent or sustained damage from listening to loud music for a short period of time. There certainly is evidence of permanent or sustained loss of hearing from prolonged exposure to very loud music (such as rock concerts and working around airplanes), but even this level of noise exposure causing hearing loss involves a longer period of exposure. It would not happen from a few days of listening to loud music.
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