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Today, my stomach has been cramping up as if I need to have

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Today, my stomach has been cramping up
as if I need to have a bowel movement.
I have felt kind of lethargic also. When I
try to use the bathroom, when the cramps
drive me there, nothing comes out except
a very clear substance. Like mucous, but
very clear. I have never had this before.
I thought maybe I'm constipated, so drank
a lot of water as well as cold tea.
At this time, this is getting kind of debilitating.
My husband if going in the hospital tomorrow
for his 18th ESD; so, I need to be there and take care
of him. What do you think this is and what could
be causing it?
I'm sure this doesn't have anything to do
with this, but our dog has been pretty ill
for the last week. Her feces were covered with
a gel-like substance, but hers was reddish
in color. We have traced her symptoms to
possible Samonella from Iams dog food that
was recently recalled. Do you think this could transfer to
Thank you for any info you can offer me.
Thank you for using JustAnswer. I will be glad to assist you.

First, the Salmonella in the Iams dog food can affect humans, either by getting it on your hands while handling the dog food or by handling the feces of the dog.

Salmonella typically causes diarrhea, along with abdominal pain and cramping, so the absence of diarrhea is atypical. It is possible that there could be cramping before the onset of the diarrhea, but it is an atypical presentation.

The symptoms are more often seen with a viral infection of the gut, called a viral gastroenteritis. A viral gastroenteritis also can cause diarrhea, but it is more common for it to present with cramping and abdominal pain without diarrhea.

A viral infection is usually managed with symptomatic relief, as the problem will resolve spontaneously. It also may help to use a probiotic, such as yogurt with an active culture or a probiotic supplement, which will promote the restoration of healthy germs in the gut. It is also OK to use acetaminophen for the pain. It is also appropriate to be drinking plenty of fluids to maintain hydration. There are some medicines to relieve cramping, but these medicines are only available by prescription. An over the counter antihistamine also may ease symptoms, although not as good as the prescription medicines.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.
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