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I seem to get an itch in the perianal area after I eat

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I seem to get an itch in the perianal area after I eat certain foods. Is this a possible food allergy? It can get quite intense.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

your symptoms aren't typical for food allergies.

it is normal for your bowels to move after you eat. this is a gastric-colonic reflex. that is why many people feel they have to have a BM after eating. so it is proably not the foods you just ate which is now coming out of your perianal area.

if you have loose stools or watery stools, it is possible that this gastric colonic reflex is causing your bowels to move and if you have weakness of your anal canal, liquidy stools can leak out and cause itchiness of hte perianal area.

doing kegal exercises can help strengthen your anal sphincter and help decrease this anal leakage.

also firming up your stools with anti-diarrhea medications, extra fiber in your diet, eating more constipating foods, might help as well.

does this make sense?

do you have other questions?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It makes sense, but my stools are absolutely fine. Very normal.

I see

well, you could still could have some weakness of your anal sphincter. as women and men get older, this can happen, especially in women, if they have had a few children. often times kegel exercises can help strengthen the anal sphincter and help keep any mucous or anal fluid from coming out.

you should see a doctor or gyn doctor and get an anal examination and see if you have weakness there of the sphincter

sometimes women can get a fungal rash around the anal area as well and this can cause itchiness as well.
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