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I'm a male, 54. Had irritable bowel all my life. Over past

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I'm a male, 54. Had irritable bowel all my life. Over past year, symptoms worsened : increased frequency of bowel movements (5 times a day, then diarhea in the last few weeks), plus very loud noises in gut and stomach, feeling very tired and sleeply. No blood, rash, acute pain or fever.
4 years ago: colonoscopy normal.
2 weeks ago : celiac test normal (hard to believe). I think I am intolerant to gluten anyhow
2 weeks ago : doctor check abdomen for lump (none)
On gluten free diet for 5 weeks (plus low FODMAP diet as well) and meticulous about eliminating other sources of gluten (medication, etc), no dairy or alcohol.
Symptoms have decreased significantly. Diarhea stopped and stools are increasingly back to normal (although not quite), I feel alert and energized, noises in gut and stomach have decreased BUT they are still there and that worries me.
Is it normal for the noises and rumblings to continue 24/24, regardless of food or activity?
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and I'm ready to help.

well, different people have different "normal" function for their stool.

some patients with bad IBS bowels if they don't have frequent watery diarrhea, they are happy.

so your normal might be someone else's horrible bowel issues.

I am glad that you avoiding glutten for 5 weeks has improved your symptoms and your diarrhea stopped and your stools are getting back to normal, and that your noise in your bowels has improved.

perhaps eating more yogurt and probiotics can help keep your bowels more regular and working better. if avoiding glutten helps your symptoms, then it doesn't really matter what your celiac spruce testing shows, you are in reality allergic to glutten.

hopefully with more time, your rumblings and noises will get better.

do you have other questions?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

any suggestion for reducing noises in gut and stomach ? or do you think probiotics might help with that too ?

yogurt and probiotics might help with this.

avoiding certain foods which make excessive gas like beans and broccoli might help.

medications like GasX might help as well.
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