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I asked the question. You said you needed additional

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I asked the question. You said you needed additional details...what?
there is no other medical question on this account
I can help you
What is your medical question?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have been treated for 28 years for genera anxiety disorder.lFor over 25 years I took the same amount of Xanax....then i felt It just wasn't working as well and ask a psychiatrist to in crease my dosage 1 mg per day....he increased it by two. Then I was assigned a nurse practioner who ended up reducing my dosage and substituting Gabapentin and a anti-psychotic drug I haven't felt worse in the last 25 years. I see no alternative than checking into a psychiatric ward. .

I understand.
If this is an emergency I would not even wait for that.
The treatment is not correct.
Is this your questions...what are you asking exactly?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Should I enter a psychiatric clinic? I want to know why my body produces excess adreline all day. Urine test, blood test? After 25 years on the same dosage, most experts agree that a slight increase in dosage is appropriate. My son is a Pharm-D, my daughter in law is a Pharm-D,,they both agree with pharmacist agrees with me. Thanks for your time

No in fact xanax is not even the proper drug for GAD, not long term.
It is a back up drug only for SSRI or SNRI medications.
And long term is has bad effects on many people such as cognitive dysfunction.
GABApentin, on the other hand, is not a reliable treatment, and is off label.
I would work only with a psychiatrist in person.
An emergency room can set you up with this follow up,and help decide if you need a brief in patient admission.
Let me know if you have further questions.
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