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For the past 24 hours my right armpit has been itching and I

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For the past 24 hours my right armpit has been itching and I am about to climb the wall. Nineteen years ago I had breast cancer on the right breast and a lumpectomy. Although I was node negative, lymph nodes were removed on that side, resulting in numbness in that area. I have also had very mild lymphedema in that arm. Three years ago I had multiple fractures in the ball socket of that arm and have screws in it. No amount of rubbing or scratching will give me relief. I can get temporary relief by holding my arm straight up. Four days ago I fell on that arm with only minor bruising. What can be causing this insatiable itching?
911DOC :

The bottome line in a situation like yours is that with your prior history of breast cancer you MUST see a physician about this

911DOC :

in the meantime

911DOC :

you can try claritin over the counter which is non sedating

911DOC :

and will help some with the itch

911DOC :


911DOC :

capsaicin containing cream might help by providing a counter-stimulus to the itch

911DOC :

having the itch be in a very localized area is worrisome

911DOC :

as most allergic type reactions are not isolated to one spot of the body

911DOC :

that is why someone needs to examine you

911DOC :

benadryl CREAM would also be a reasonable thing to try

911DOC :

I see you have stepped out of the chat

911DOC :

I am going to switch to the Q and A format to facilitate this discussion. If your question has been adequately answered I do so appreciate positive feedback. If you have further questions or desire clarification simply type your response in the box below and click ‘reply’ and I will be back with you as soon as I can.

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Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I wasn't aware I had stepped out of the chat. I will try the Claritin as I don't think a topical cream will help. This feels much deeper. There is no rash or bite that appears. I can't get in to see a doctor until Friday and in the meantime, the anxiety level is extremely high considering the tremendous amount of responsibility I have caring for my husband.

I understand your concerns. My computer showed that you had gone offline... it is a common glitch on the site.

Should you develop fever of other symptoms than the itch in the meantime please do not delay in seeking immediate care.

I would also try the creams as they just might give you some relief.

Also, it would be wise to do two other things...

1. contact your physician to let him/her know what is going on

2. when you go to buy the claritin ask the pharmacist if they recommend claritin, zyrtec, or Allegra for itching. all are non sedating, there may be one that is slightly better than another.

If you have further questions about this issue please feel free to ask.


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