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I am not real happy with my primary Dr right now and really

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I am not real happy with my primary Dr right now and really fear Dr visits so I will ask you.
I feel I have irritable bowel syndrom as I do not have bowel movements every day. I may go 3,4,or 5 days then have such painful intestine cramping and a very soft movement which may be 3 or 4 trips to the bathroom. (I really hate telling all this). Can I help myself by eating more fiber and taking a colon health daily pill?? I hate yogurt and I am abit of a fussy eater, not big on veggies as I should be. I'm 63, still working and very scared.
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing Internal Medicine Physician. Excellent service is my goal.
Thanks for this excellent question
Assuming it is irritable bowel, I would recommend a daily probiotic
The best for this condition is lactobacillus gg
This is in culturelle
This will help
It's a good idea to make sure there is no other problem though like parasitic infection or c diff (a bacteria). Also, something like celiac disease can cause this.
I would call and ask for a referral to a GI doctor to work this up if your primary isn't receptive.
I hope this helps.
If you have more questions, just reply. :)
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