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Not previously diagnosed Appears to be indirect inguinal

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Not previously diagnosed
Appears to be indirect inguinal hernia secondary to weightlifting, though
weightlifted for 30 years
Bulge, sharp pain x 3 days, nausea, relieved in supine positioin
Going to see someone today
Say the practitioner's schedule is terrible, and cannot do surgery if
desired to do so until October. Do you think a calendar could be
altered to do this sooner

Great question.

I think in your case they will make this sooner, perhaps even tomorrow, assuming your diagnosis is correct.

Often hernias can be repaired electively, but in your case you show signs of entrapment of the hernia sac. You get relief with certain maneuvers such as lying down, but have pain and nausea at other times. This means the hernia is in danger of incarceration and strangulation, meaning, the hernia sac protrudes through the defect and can not come back through.

When this happens the blood supply to the herniated portion is cut off and the tissue in the sac dies. This produces a surgical emergency and requires emergency correction.

This is why I say they are likely to try to fit you in sooner. If, before tomorrow, you have pain that is not relieved by the maneuvers you describe, or pain that increases without relief, you need to go directly to the ER, preferably by ambulance, as this would indicate a surgical emergency.


Please let me know if you have questions about my answer. Positive feedback always appreciated. I wish you good luck and a quick recovery.



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