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I am a male and have only unprotected oral sex twice, first

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Hi doc I am a male and have only unprotected oral sex twice, first time I licked her vagina and she sucked my penis, we kissed each other, right after licking her I washed my mouth with hand soap and took a shower, everything is normal nothing happen.
But next week still I have oral sex with same girl, then washed my mouth with hand soap, but this time, right after licking vagina when I am taking shower, I can feel an uneasy spot in my throat. Next day my throat start to hurt when I check my mouth accidently I found one tiny tiny sore in my mouth I didn’t even feel it I starts to worry that HIV might get into my mouth through this tiny hole.
It keeps hurting me for one week and the next week, my throat starts to itching, still my throat hurts but not as severe as first week, my mouth start to feel dry, I drink lots of water but still feel thirsty, it is so abnormal that my throat hurts from left then right then left, back and forth. Sometimes my back of the neck hurts, and sometimes my ear hurts, no coughing. Everything starts to deteriorate, I cannot concentrate on doing anything, I searched on line that sore throat is the major symptoms for HIV acute infection period, so what to do I am so panic please help me.
I am so panic that I have bought two ora quick test kit, I tested her three times all shows negative results, but second time she drink some water I don’t know if the ora quick is accurate, what if she has just been infected recently? I am so panic, locked myself in my home, don’t want to go to work. How long will a AIDS patient live? Please help me
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Welcome and thank you for your question. I am Dr.Mazumdar and I hope I'm able to help you with your medical problem today.
When did you have the oral sex? Do you remember the dates?
And when did you get the ora quick test? Did you do it on yourself or the woman you had sex with?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes I have oral sex two weeks ago first time and after 7 days second time, I used ora quick on her 3 times not me, because I think it will not be significant.

ora quick would not be diagnostic in you at this time.
HIV test has a window period of 3 months before the levle of antibodies can give an accurate positive or negative test.
Oral sex is not a high risk activity for HIV spread, although it can occur. even a single episode of oral sex with an infected person can cause spread of HIV. Thankfully, in your case, the woman tested negative in the ora quick tests.
Some of the early symptoms of an HIV infection is similar to that of flu - fever, sore throat, body rash, tiredness, muscle pain etc. But many people do not have any symptoms at all.
In your case, the sore throat may or may not be a symptom of early HIV. It is also possible that your fear of contracting HIV is making you become more aware of any soreness in the throat.
Since it is already 2 weeks since the exposure, you can go in for a test. If it is negative, you will need to repeat it after months.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi doc I am back again , now what does this mean HIV -1 and HIV -2 non reactive? it has been 1 month since my risk event.

Should I set my mind free and let my life continue?

thank you and wait for your reply

Welcome back.
Non-reactive means that you do not have HIV antibodies in our blood and have not contacted the disease - congratulations.
You can relax now and forget about this incident.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank god

but how about the window period? I only waited for 1 month, damn it maybe I am hyperphobic. please help me

You will need to repeat the test after 3 months of the exposure but chances are very high that that too will be negative since you had oral sex and not penetrative sex.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

oh I forgot to mention one thing showing up on my result,

at the next line it displays" HIV1/HIV2 Combo Ag/Ab EIA: Non-Reactive, what is Ag/Ab?

This is a test for detection of both HIV antigen (Ag) as well as Antibodies (AB). In your case, both are absent .
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

so with absent of antigen can I feel safe now?

The antigen can be detected upto 2 weeks. Since you are now negative, then yes, you probably do not have HIV.
But repeating the test at 3 month will still be wise.