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Stomach Issues Digestive issues! Ive included all details. Perfectly

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Stomach Issues

Digestive issues! I've included all details.

Perfectly healthy 62 year-old male/ regular exercise/ great health numbers/ perfect blood pressure/ very little alcohol/ IRON GUT-/ no medications (except 81 mg aspirin every-other-day- now stopped) and I take daily 1 multi-vit (Centrum-Silver) /1 saw palmetto for BPH/ 1 vitamin D3/ and 1 ea B-12 sublingual, every other day

1. No preexisting digestive issues- (had not thrown up since 1986)! but July 9th: put way too much ground cinnamon in my breakfast oatmeal, ate it even though it was really punchy!: vomited apx 5 times within the next 10-30 minutes but was still able to go to work afterwards and basically back to normal in apx 24-36 hrs (drank straight ginger-ale a few days-which I usually do not do)…
2. July 22: Tried to reintroduce small amount of cinnamon to oatmeal: threw up 2-3 times, okay afterwards-went to work within the hour-sipped ginger-ale all day!! Basically, returned to normal.
3. Supper July 28: fried chicken, felt really bad right afterwards/ nausea /bloated/ lasted overnight and lingered next couple of days. Afterwards started noticing mild nausea in mornings (but still have not thrown up since the 2nd cinnamon episode 7/22/13). 7/30/13 got some aloe vera juice to help start repairing stomach lining, in case I had damaged it...
4. Since: No specific pain just occasional bloated feeling and very mild nausea-sometimes- tend to feel better in afternoons and worse in the mornings. Sleeping fine. Not much appetite…
5. 8/7/13 Ate black-beans with jalapeños and some red pepper-without thinking!!!- (felt immediate discomfort after I finished: bloated/ mild nausea/ general discomfort but not specific pain just an oh-crap-kind of gnawing feeling in my stomach-lasted several days!
6. 8/9/13 Went to health food grocery and got some Flax-seed oil, DGL (licorice tablets to chew before meals) to help repair my stomach lining, in case it's inflamed/ Started eating small qtys of brussel sprouts with boiled white potatoes/ or applesauce with banana every few hours. Still not much appetite but feel better right after eating. Burping and mild gas/ normal bow movements –normal color-…Still don’t feel quite right, but may be feeling generally a little better last 24 hours…! Blood pressure is normal (apz 120-65-ish). Lost about 6 lbs through entire ordeal (I weigh around 168 lbs now/ am 5’11”).. Thanks for your help! XXXXX XXXXX
Welcome to JA!
Thanks for the question.

The cinnamon is though used to treat nausea and vomiting but doses more than half teaspoon can induce vomiting as well. It is possible that you may have damaged the lining of the stomach in the process and is the cause of your continued symptoms of nausea and bloating.

The new onset of dyspepsia symptoms (nausea and/or vomiting, bloating, burping and/or pain) after the age of 60 is usually investigated for all possible causes especially tumors of the stomach but since you have been generally well; there seems to be a cause of the symptoms like you mentioned cinnamon, fried chicken and red pepper; no black colored stools or low hemoglobin this seems to be less likely. In such situation i would recommend diet modifications (avoiding the precipitating foods), PPIs like omeprazole upto 40 mg a day and antacids. If the symptoms do not settle after one week of this treatment then you may need investigations like Abdominal scans and Endoscopy.
The dyspepsia symptoms which increase spicy foods and are more in the early morning also point towards the duodenal disease or ulcers (part of gut after the stomach).

So bylarge this seems to be acid peptic disease caused by your diet but as mentioned above if the diet modifications and one week treatment of antacids does not work you may need to consult a gastroenterologist.

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