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I have a question for you. For over ten years now I have

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I have a question for you. For over ten years now I have suffered with recurrent thrush. I now am treating myself every 2-3 days after the last treatment as it come straight back. It's only vaginal thrush. Doctors have put my on Fluconazole for years on and off as they don't want it to cause liver damage. It has never even for a day relieved the slightest bit of itching. The only thing that relieves it is clomozole cream. Must be the strongest one. Over the past two years I have now developed lichen sclerosis supposedly due to all the cream I am inserting. The thrush is only internal.
Doctors don't believe in candida overgrowth right? I am seeing a naturopath who has me on a strict diet and lots of supplements, been seeing her for months and no change. She says if I don't get rid of it I will have a lot of health issues when I am older. I am only 27.
What I want to know is do you believe this could cause huge health issues? Is there anything else that can be done? Should I diet?
Hello from JA
It is not clear that this will cause health problems, but it can reflect current health problems, such as pre diabetes
What is your height and weight?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My weight is 46 kgs and height I'm not sure, around 160. I'm not talk or shorty. Medium height.

I have been tested for diabetes and am clear.

What I would typically do is immediately start a nutrient dense, anti inflammatory diet.
This diet is all whole foods/vegetable foods for a while, then mostly plant foods with occasional fish.
You can find this in the book Eat to Live , by dr. Joel Fuhrman.
I would eat probiotics, and use vaginal probiotic suppositories.
The problem is the continued use of antibiotics.
To the diet add ginger, turmeric, both interrupt inflammatory pathways, and boost immunity.
The diet helps re establish correct bowel flora, hopefully cutting down on yeast.
Let me know if you have further questions.
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