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I have got quite bad pain in the top part of the bridge (Lisfrank´s

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I have got quite bad pain in the top part of the bridge (Lisfrank´s Joint and 4th metatarsal) of my left foot (over past 8 months) not due to injury (just came on suddenly! The pain during the first two months was extremely painful and worst when sleeping unless I lie on my side with my foot on a pillow. Now it generally aches all the time but the pain is bearable unless I bend on my knees to work in the garden and then get up. I have taken an x-rays as well as a CT scan but the specialist could not find anything wrong with my foot.
Now two weeks ago I started having a problem on the inside bottom of my right foot arch close to the heel of my foot. It is very painful when I walk. When I stretch my toes back I have no additional pain.
I have a good arch, am healthy and not over weight but am 60 years old.
Is there any other examinations that can be done to try and pinpoint the problem?
two thoughts for you.

1. the new pain you are having sounds a lot like PLANTAR FASCIITIS. If you click on that link you can read about it and see how you can do stuff at home to help get over this. the stretching you are doing is part of the therapy.

2. the foot pain issue could indicates an underlying problem with Arthritis. As you can see from the link there are different kinds. If you have had the xrays and CT scans without diagnoses it may be reasonable for you to see a Rheumatologist at this point.

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