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Off and on for 4 months, my 33 year old son has had severe

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Off and on for 4 months, my 33 year old son has had severe abdominal pain on his left side that radiates to the middle of his stomach. Now it up under his rib cage on that side too.He has seen several doctors one thought it was a stomach virus. Because he had Diverticulitis 4 years ago, two doctors just assumed it was the same. He has had two courses of Flagyl and Cipro. He had a CT scan which was inconclusive and blood tests which were fine  few days ago. He is also nauseous and has diarrhea. He has missed 2 1/2 weeks of work. What is it?

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It is highly unlikely the stomach virus,such a severe pain in left side of abdomen could be diverticulitis ,over 90 percent of diverticular disease involves the sigmoid colon and therefore diverticulitis most commonly presents with left sided abdominal pain with radiation in some cases other cause include often kidney stone pain.
Although CT scan is sensitive to pick problem but if it is inconclusive than repeat CT scan and before that get his Ultrasonography.
Possibility of abdominal aortic aneurysm should also be ruled out.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Kidneys were fine and there was no abdominal aortic aneurysm found.

Clinical Indication: Evaluate for diverticulitis, left lower quadrant
and left upper quadrant pain and tenderness with fevers.

Findings: CT exam of the abdomen and pelvis is performed following the
uneventful administration of 125 cc Isovue-370 IV contrast. No prior
exam for comparison.

Lower chest: Normal.

Liver: Diffuse fibrotic infiltration of the liver. The liver is mildly
enlarged measuring 19 cm in length.
Bile ducts: Normal
Gallbladder: Normal
Pancreas: Normal
Spleen: Normal

Adrenal glands: There is a 1.7 cm right adrenal adenoma.
Kidneys: Normal
Ureters: Normal
Bladder: Normal

Abdominal aorta: Normal
Retroperitoneum: Normal
Peritoneum: Normal

Mesentery: Normal
Stomach: Normal
Small bowel: Normal
Colon: There is mild diverticulosis without CT evidence of
Appendix: Normal
Extraperitoneal pelvis: Bilateral fat containing inguinal hernias.

Prostate: Normal.

Abdominal wall: There is a small fat containing periumbilical hernia.
Bones: Normal

As his CT shows bilateral inguinal hernia so obstructive inguinal hernia can be the reason,similarly he has mild fatty liver and adrenal adenoma that should be further evaluated.
Inguinal hernia can cause pain when obstructed.