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Dr. Robert
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I have finished my medication as of tomorrow for an

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I have finished my medication as of tomorrow for an infection.At times both my kidneys still bother me an I feel pressure down there.I feel I am still not emptying my
Welcome to and thank you for your question.
I'm so sorry to hear of your discomfort. I will do whatever I can to help answer your questions .First I need a little more information-
Do you have excessive/frequent urination?
Do you still have any burning in urination?
Do you have any other known medical illness?
Kind Regards,
Dr. Robert
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't have excessive urination but frequent urination.I have burning

after I urinate.I have cerabal palsy.

Dear Marilyn,
Thank you for providing quick additional info.
Feeling the bladder is not empty right after urination is incomplete emptying. Due to muscle rigidity in the pelvic floor, the urethral sphincter may not relax quickly or completely which decreases the ability of the bladder to empty
A common complaint that indicates a difficulty in emptying the bladder in women is recurrent cystitis,because the problem reduces the normal protective mechanisms against bladder infection.
Normally,when you void urine,bacteria are washed away from the urinary bladder & urethra,but because the bacteria will stay there for longer and this result in repeat infection.
There may be weakness in bladder muscle or bladder muscle is unable to contract properly,as it should.
So it is quite possible that because of improper emptying of bladder,you still have the urinary infection/recurrent infection.
You need :
-A repeat urine examination
-Kidney x-ray
-Urodynamic tests-These tests involve and pressure monitors that record the pressures of the bladder and urethra.
Because of your improper emptying of bladder,you get urinary tract infection & there is probability of repeat infection & these bacteria gets resistant & so even after antibiotics you are having frequent & burning urinataion.
So for confirmation,I advice you to make an appointment with your urologist to have these tests done so as to know the exact underlying cause & then treatment will be done accordingly.
Hope this helped.
My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back, I am happy to address follow-up questions.
Thank you *****
Dr. Robert
Dr. Robert, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 6680
Experience: M.B.B.S, Experienced Family Physician
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HelloCipro can no longer be considered to be a good first line antibiotic for UTI, there is too much resistance.So your next step is a urine culture, to identify sensitivities of the bacteria to the correct antibiotic
Sorry my post was interrupted.
The culture needs to be done today.
Untreated infection, as you have, can become a kidney infection.
Any doctor can do the culture.
A urologist would take weeks to get into.
Go to urgent care, call your doctor etc.
OK. If you have further questions or details, use reply to expert.
Otherwise please choose a positive rating . But, still come back if you need to…think of something later, etc. Bonuses are appreciated.