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I believe that I contracted HSV from a recent encounter. A

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I believe that I contracted HSV from a recent sexual encounter. A new partner and I performed oral sex on each other about a week ago, and after that he informed me that he was developing a strep throat infection.
About two days following our tryst, I went to the doctor and got prescribed Azithromycin‎ for which I have now completed the full treatment (5 days).
During this time, I began to develop cold sore blisters around my lips in addition to the swelling/white spots in my throat. I also have noticed small bumps which resemble acne on the base of my penis.
I was worried and so went to a clinic for an set of STI blood tests. However, upon further research, I understand that HSV antibodies may not even be in my bloodstream for some time to come.
I am concerned that the condition in the back of my throat (and everywhere really) is going to get worse while I wait for the antibodies to build up.
Is it possible that my family care practitioner might be able to diagnose me with a visual inspection and prescribe medication for either HSV-1 or HSV-2? I ask because I do not have medical insurance, and I have already spent about 500 dollars trying to get help.
Thanks in advance!
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There are two options in this situation.

If there are sores that are obviously due to herpes, then the doctor can make a diagnosis based on visual examination, and this would be true whether the sore is in the mouth or on the genitals.

If there is a sore that is worrisome for herpes (but is not obviously due to herpes), the doctor can perform a herpes culture of the sore, which would be able to detect herpes regardless of whether herpes antibodies have yet developed.

Either of these situations would be more accurate if the patient is seen quickly, so that there is not as much healing before examination or culture.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.
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