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About a year ago, I noticed a blister 1 mm in size and

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about a year ago, I noticed a blister 1 mm in size and raised a tiny bit. It was right by the urethra There was no pain and I monitored it over the months and when I seen the doctor about it he said it was nothing. Over the past fewmonths the blister got softer and when pressed in had s rebound effect. Well yesterday while looking at it, I pressed on it and it popped. Afterward I look inside my urethra and Im not to sure but it seems to be a small hole when I say small like im not even sure it a hole that may channel to the blister. I went to the doctor to because it was hurting kinda buring pain. Still does not hurt when I pee. my concerns are that I cant see a uroglist for a month. So was wondering what to do in the mean time. Is this a std? its been over a year.Also since it popped im concern for infection if there is a hole. I am also wondering if polysporin is ok to treat it with. I dont think I can upload a pic.
From the way you describe this lesion this sounds very much like a cyst... a benign collection of fluid.

There are, in fact, parameatal urethral cysts (at the opening of the urethra) and they are benign.

This is not from any STD.

I think it reason bale to see the urologist, they may want to do a biopsy, but more likely they will not want to do any intervention at all.

As long as you are not having penile discharge or continuous pain with urination then I think it quite reasonable to wait for your appointment with urology.

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