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27 years old, female. A week ago my tongue started twitching

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27 years old, female. A week ago my tongue started twitching while my mouth was closed. I've always had shaky hands and some muscle spasms, but then my cheek muscles started twitching too. I felt instantly stressed (had already been stressed before this started and we were under a major heatwave here) and thought maybe my magnesium was just too low. For the next couple days I took magnesium every day. The tongue/face twitching would come and go, sometimes disappearing almost entirely for half the day. However, now my throat feels irritated/dry and a little tingly, my tongue is still twitching and feels almost like something is buzzing under it and my whole body is twitchy and under stress. I have hot flashes and feel somewhat weak when I concentrate too much on it happening. My stomach is very upset and I've had an unusual amount of acid reflux in the last two days.
I had endoscopic sinus surgery three weeks ago and recovered very fast. I've had a lot of post-nasal drip since the surgery, though. At times in the past few years I've had severe post nasal drip that made it hard for me to breathe/swallow, which is part of why my doctor decided I needed the surgery. Now I feel that same sort of nervousness in my throat, though... just along with the tongue buzzing/twitching too.
Welcome and thank you for your question.
Your symptoms suggest that you are under some amount of stress - stress can cause muscle fatigue and twitching.
Since your throat also now feels dry and irritated, chances are that you are beginning to develop a throat infection - this has triggered off the tongue twitching.
Please gargle with warm saline water twice a day - this will be soothing to not only the throat but also the tongue and the twitching should decrease. If the twitching continues for another 5 days please see a doctor.
I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So it's possible for a throat infection to cause twitching and burning/tingling in the tongue? It certainly does feel very very irritated in my throat and there's a bad taste as well as a buzzing sensation.

I've also had so much water in the last few days from the heat that my bladder seems irritated as well. All of my muscles just seem so out of whack but it does get worse with any sort of stress trigger.

in sensitive people who suffer from muscle twitches when they are under stress, inflammation in the throat can trigger off muscle twitches in the tongue. irritation of the nerves can cause burning/tingling. the bad taste is because of the throat infection and should clear up with gargling.
Drinking fluids is good - the bladder will adjust to the extra urine formation.
I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

One last question- do you think the throat inflammation could be caused by post-nasal drip from after the surgery?

Thank you for your help!

throat inflammation can be caused by postnasal drip. The constant drip can be irritating to the throat tissues and set up an inflammation.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Actually, I apologize, one more question I forgot to ask... should I continue to take potassium and/or magnesium?

I think it will be better to consult your doctor about the postnasal drip before you continue with the potassium and/or magnesium supplements.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Could this also be the reason that I feel tiny bits of food resting at the top of my throat after swallowing? Sometimes it takes a few extra swallows to get all of the little bits down.

Although dryness of the mouth can cause difficulty in swallowing, an inflammation of the throat should not cause any such difficulty.