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STD Test Results -Please help me interpret them. I have

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STD Test Results -Please help me interpret them. I have asked my doctor to give me a general check up for sexual diseases. The doctor was not available when I went to get the results, but I have the results. Please will you go through each one, one by one and LET ME KNOW WHETHER I NEED TO TAKE ACTION (in bold because that's the question I really need answering). Are the tests sufficient and do I need to take action. A bit of background info, I had unprotected sex with a new girl about 2 months ago. And currently I have no symptoms of any illness.

911DOC :

would be happy to help. without symptoms unlikely you have anything to worry about. but please send results.

911DOC :

since you are not in chat will switch to Q and A and we can continue that way. simply type in results and I will be back with you as soon as I see them.

911DOC :


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, results are uploaded

I'm sorry, I can not see them. can you type them in? If they are uploaded I can not see an attachment.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I edited the original question I asked, please go to top and look in original inquiry box

got it. will be back with you shortly.
Sorry, my computer will not let me access this question until you respond back to me. I had to step outside to use my phone. All in all I am not worried about you regarding STDs. The HIV result requires some explanation so if you will kindly respond to this I will be AT&T computer and can type a full response.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


great, thanks.

first, the CBC is fine. nothing there.

you do not have hepatits B, which is considered an STD.

you do not have syphilis (VDRL)

your urinalysis is fine.

regarding the HIV screen, this is complicated. You have an intermediate result, but it is SO low in the intermediate range that it essentially means nothing. The reason is that this screening test is interpreted in the light of your risk factors.

heterosexual intercourse is low risk for HIV transmission.

So this makes the test less relevant, as, if you were in a high risk population (drug injection user for instance) we would worry a bit more about this and do follow up testing.

As the test result states at the bottom, a POSITIVE result is followed with a Western Blot test (RT_PCR). Yours is NOT positive and you are in a low risk population.

So, for the moment I think you can put the worry about HIV out of your mind. I think checking with your physician when you are able would be a good idea. They might want to do the Western Blot test to prove to YOU that you do not have HIV.

Unfortunately there are antibodies that have nothing to do with HIV infection that can cause a 'gray zone' result on this screening test. But, again, your result is so BARELY in the gray zone that I if it were me, based on your risk factors and lack of symptoms I would not do a follow up test. This is your choice, but your chances of having HIV are minuscule... nearly zero, but not quite zero.

You do not have anything else on these results to indicate any problems at all.

Be well, and try not to worry about this.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK thanks. Regarding the HIV test, I came out 0.15 according to the result, and next to the result there is a range that says Grayzone is 0.9 to 1.5. So why do you say that I'm in the grey zone?

If you read my answer above you will see the explanation.

Basically it is this.

This particular test is a good screening tool for HIGH RISK populations. A positive result is worrisome.

A Gray-zone result PROBABLY means that you simply have antibodies to OTHER viruses than HIV in your body that cause the test to be in the GRAY zone.

Since you had a heterosexual encounter two months ago the gray zone reading is not worrisome. Also, the result is SO CLOSE to being normal that I myself would not go for further testing.

This is simply a limitation of this particular test. If you remain worried a second test, called a Western Blot test, is much more specific and accurate for HIV.

In short, there is virtually no chance that you have HIV based on this test and the Gray Zone reading should be taken into consideration along with your risk factors, which are minimal at best.

You should discuss this with your physician, and if you remain worried about this a Western blot test can be done which will give you a straight answer, and will, 99.99999% be negative for HIV .


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, this isn't getting any clearer for me.

I got a result of 0.15 that's naught point 15.

The greyzone is stated as 0.9 to 1.5, that's roughly a factor 10 away from my result. So in my view, I'm no way near the greyzone, I'm a factor 10 away from the upper limit of the greyzone.

Please clarify why you're talking about greyzone with respect to my result.


Many apologies. You are correct. Your result IS non reactive. You do not have any evidence of HIV infection. I don't know why I kept seeing that decimal in the wrong place but I did. I think the reason was that your question indicated you were worried about your testing results so I assumed there was an abnormal there. When I read through the labs I didn't see one so I focused on the HIV test, which is often in the 'gray zone' and it simply didn't register that your result is NEGATIVE.

In summary. No hepatitis. No syphilis. No HIV. Nothing in the rest of your labs to indicate any problem.

Again, so sorry about my mistake. You can take a deep breath. These tests are all negative.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK thanks. You got me feverish over the last 15 minutes, but now it's clear.

Again, I'm very sorry about my mistake. But you can relax. Thanks for your question and have a good evening.