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I am currently traveling and received a thyroid blood test.

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I am currently traveling and received a thyroid blood test. what advice and or meds would you prescribe/give me for the following test results: TSH= >75 UI/ml, T3 total= 56 ng/dl, T4 total = 5.40 ug/dl, Testosterone free = <0.6 pg/ml, Total Colesterol = 279mg/dl, Triglycerides = 176 mg/dl, HDL = 69 mg/dl, LDL = 177 mg/dl? I cannot see an endochrinologist because I am traveling on a boat and don't have health insurance. I am a 43 yr. old woman. Please help!

So according to these values you are HYPOTHYROID, and rather impressively so.

They numbers are much less important than how you are feeling, so do look at the link above and go through the symptoms and see if you recognize the similarities.

Your testosterone level is fine.

Your thyroid problem has given you, my best guess anyway, high cholesterol. I would not be surprised to find that you were slightly anemic as well.

Your total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL are all in the range where we would want to treat your cholesterol.

In terms of what you do NOW it all depends on how long you are traveling for and how you feel right now.

If you feel okay you do not need to rush home. However, there IS a dangerous state associated with hypothyroidism... it is called MYXEDEMA COMA and you can learn about it in the link.

Basically, if you become acutely ill you need to be seen quickly because your low thyroid will make any illness harder to recover from. If your travel lasts a week or so and you are currently feeling okay I would not rush home.

I hope this has been helpful for you.

If you have follow up questions please ask them below.

If not and this has been helpful, positive feedback is always appreciated.


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