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I already asked one of your doctors who said all of the following

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I already asked one of your doctors who said all of the following symptoms sounded like IBS, so here goes once more:
1. I have pretty bad health anxiety, and am starting CBT this week.
2. I have had a mild loss of appetite ever since developing anxiety six months ago. I eat but never find myself starving.
3. I have transient abdominal pains. Sometimes just above the belly button, sometimes dead center, sometimes to the left and to the right.
4. I have constipation issues. But rarely. I find I can go every day if I eat right, but sometimes they are hard.
5. Maybe twice in the past six months I have had some blood on the toilet paper. Not much. A drop's worth. But that was after passing a very dry and straining stool. I also have had a hemerrhoid or two.
6. Sometimes my stools are different colors. They are always brown, but sometimes paler, sometimes darker. Never black, never white, never red.
7. When I need to go I get a really strong urge to go. This is relieved the moment I go. But again, this strong urge doesn't always happen. (Personally I think I am just too anxious over all this, and thus it makes it worse.)

I asked this question once before, and even my Doctor told me that it was probably anxiety-related IBS and to take Metamucil and eat a high fiber diet. A month and a half ago I had a pretty thorough physical. Not due to this, just for work. But they took blood, urinalysis, and he did that thing where you push on the stomach a bunch. This isn't constant, I seem to focus on one thing for a month or two, then focus on another. I am starting CBT this week, but does this sound like IBS or what?
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and am ready to help.

yes, I agree with your doctor.

this sounds like anxiety related IBS or nervous stomach. your bowels are often affected by your anxiety hormones in your body and can speed up or slow down based on your anxiety levels.

you should eat a more high fiber diet and add yogurt in your diet daily to help get your stools more regular. you need to drink lots of water and keep your stools soft to keep from those very dry and straining stools.

routine exercise can also help you be more regular in your stools

good luck with the CBT, however, you might need some long acting anxiety mediations as well to help with your anxiety symptoms

the chances of your stool color are most often affected by what you are eating and the transit time of your stools.

don't stress or focus too much on your stools or anything else too much

let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I read somewhere that lack of appetite is not an IBS symptom, or was I misled?

lack of appetite is often caused by excessive anxiety which can cause excess stomach acid production and nervous stomach.
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