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My wife has been coughing for 18 years, but the last 18

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My wife has been coughing for 18 years, but the last 18 months have been the worse. She has gone from 110 to 93 pounds and is tired and sleepy from not getting good sleep. The Dr say this is lung damage fron Broncitis years ago, but they have no answers on treatment.
I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today.
Was a CT scan done to see for the cause and severity?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

name not sure but they go into the lungs looking and taking a sample and then vacuming

That must be bronchoscopy in which a small pipe is inserted in the trachea and than to lungs to look for any mass or any fluid within the airways.
A CT scan is an imaging technique where an individual is asked to lie on the table and x ray is used to obtain images of the lung. This is repeated after injecting contrast through her vein in the arm. CT scan is the most sensitive way to look for alveoli {smallest unit of the lung where the bronchoscope can not reach}/ mediastinum and pleura. I would get it done before making a diagnosis. if this is not done for her than you need to request her doctor to order it. It will help us to know the severity of lung disease {bronchitis, bronchiectasis or infection} and also help to know the cause.
Treatment would depend on severity and cause. It may be varied medicines {antibiotics, bronchodilators and steroids - will help her breath with ease}/ use of oxygen, extra.
I would also get few other tests like EKG, echocardiogram {to see for heart function}/ blood tests, throat swab to get more answers.
Wish her well.
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