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I got some test results back for Hepatitis in 12/01/12. I

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I got some test results back for Hepatitis B in 12/01/12. I wasn't sure how to read the results so I posted this question. Also, I've never had a Hepatitis B Vaccine.
3 different test were reformed. 1. Hep B Surface AB, 2.HBsAg Screen, 3.Hep B Core Ab,
The Hep B surface AB test came back with a result of 0.27 the reference interval is 0.00 - 0.99 below that it states: Inconsistent with Immunity, 0.00-0.99 and Consistent with Immunity, >0.99. The last two were Negative. This is the answer I got from the doctor. (The result are indicative that you also have never been infected, and there is no reason for concern.)
I repeated the same 3 test last week and got the same results but my Hep B surface AB test came back with a result of 0.01. The last two were Negative. I was reading about the Hep B surface AB, they stated that a negative result would be if your test came back over 1.00. I need some help!!!!!!
Anthony Bray MD : It looks that your hepatitis results are indeed negative.
Anthony Bray MD : there may be some factor causing a low reactive result to the surface antibody result but this reactivity appears minimal...
Anthony Bray MD : your surface antigen test would be positive if you had Hep B!!
Anthony Bray MD : So you should be able to relax!! You do not have hep B!!
Anthony Bray MD : i hope this information helps!
Anthony Bray MD : Let me know if you have further questions. I will be happy to get back with you!
Anthony Bray MD : If my answers have been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback. That would be very much appreciated! Thank you and best regards,
Anthony Bray MD : Anthony Bray MD
Ewles.dave :

Thanks, Doc

Anthony Bray MD : You are very welcome! Take care! Let me know if you should have further questions!
Ewles.dave :

I do have some symptoms I get bloated & gurgling stomach and I have pressure in my lower abdominal. I also get some pain in my Kidneys, it's always on one side sometimes both.

Hello again,
If you had hepatitis then you would have elevated liver enzymes. What you describe sounds more gastrointestinal type symptoms and not that of hepatitis. Hepatitis may cause right upper quadrant pain and nausea and jaundice symptoms.
I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions! Best regards!
Anthony Bray MD
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