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Actually I saw a sex worker about a month ago. She was going

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Actually I saw a sex worker about a month ago. She was going to put condom on my penis and before that she tried to put some lotion on my penis. At first I did not allow her to touch my penis and said that I will put the lotion myself. I did put some lotion myself. And then comes the MISTAKE. Because she had already put the lotion on her hands she started massaging the hands on my penis. I just allowed her to do this for a few seconds. Then I kept exciting my penis myself until it was erect. Then I put the condom on. But even with the condom on I did NOT have sex with her. She just did hand-job on me with the condom on my penis. At first I was confident that HIV does not survive out of the body so I will be safe.
But after 31 days of that event I started having symptoms. My symptoms are loss appetite, kind of diarrhea (some frequent bowel movements accompanied with abdominal pain but NOT watery stools), muscle pains, chills and lot of fatigue. I also suspect weight loss of around 4 pounds. I have not seen Fever so far. Now it is 36 days from that event so I am having symptoms for last 5 days.
So because of these symptoms I am extremely worried that I have contracted HIV. Now I think may be she had some minor cuts on her hand through which the HIV was able to transfer to my penis, although I do not remember seeing any blood on her hands. (I am circumcised since childhood). This time I am really really worried that I get tested for HIV I am damn sure that it will be positive. That is why I am really afraid to do the test. I am getting really worried please help.
Thank you for your question:

The risk of HIV transmission from unprotected sex is less than many people estimate. Even if you had unprotected vaginal sex with her the risk (IF she was HIV positive) is only 5 in 10,000 cases. If she had given you oral sex, the risk would only be 0.5 in 10,000.

A hand-job would have a MUCH lower risk of HIV transmission - nearly equal to zero.

Honestly I would not worry about this encounter. Getting an HIV test will help you relax and forget about this experience.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

First I was not worrying. But what about the symptoms that I am having. And the symptoms appeared right in the exact time frame. And I do not have the courage to do the test because I am really afraid.

more info: I also saw some runny nose and chest irritation like it happens when I get cold. I also saw a couple of red pimples on my chest that itched.