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My nephew is diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis and has just

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My nephew is diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis B and has just started a medication for a week (I do not know the name but understand that this is the most prescribed medication for this illness). His blood level is 180. His diet is good and works out regularly. He is 26 years old. My questions:
1. If he takes Milk Thistle that has at least 80% of silymarin, would this be okay? I heard it is safe and believed to help his liver. But my concern is it might harm him, since he is taking the medication for Hepatitis B
2. What do you think of his blood level? He is 26 years old and was diagnosed with Hepatitis B six months ago. An ultrasound shows that his liver looks okay, but I wonder if his high blood level should be of concerns. In general, how high of the blood level that indicates the liver is severely damaged?
Thanks so much. Customer
Welcome to Just Answer.It would help if you could specify what blood levels are 180.HBsAg concentration of 180 microrg/L is not a very high level and is not indicative of serious liver damage.SErious liver damage would be indicated by high levels of liver enzymes .Silymarine has been used as a adjunct in many liver diseases and would be fairly safe to use,though i wiould prefer pharma grade silymarin in capsule form to milk thisle.He is likely to have a relatively easy recovery due to his age and fitness levels.
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