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8 days ago I fell and rolled my right foot, the swelling is

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8 days ago I fell and rolled my right foot, the swelling is almost down and the bruising along the outside part of my foot and by my toes are still dark. The top of my foot hurts and now my whole right leg is achy. It was x-rayed the night of my fall and nothing is broken. I used crutches up until yesterday. Could the ache in my leg be from not using my crutches today? Am I pushing the healing too soon? I was advised to see a specialist if it wasn't getting better in a week..but I can walk without pain in my foot, and the swelling is down. should I still see someone because of the leg ache? or get back on my crutches?
Thank you for your question:

As this is a weekend, you are unlikely to be able to see a specialist until at least Monday. I suspect that you may have "overdone it" a bit today as a cause of your leg pain.

The fact that the swelling has improved, the pain in the foot has resolved and the negative X-ray are all good signs.

However, if your leg is still bothering you on Monday, you should be checked by a physician.

If the pain in the leg gets worse and if these is swelling or tenderness in the calf, this could represent a blood clot in the deep veins of the calf (DVT). This would represent a medical emergency that would require an immediate evaluation in the emergency room.

Here is some patient information from the AAFP website regarding DVT

If you have ANY doubts - you should be seen in the emergency room.
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