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I need orthopedic help....I have been having problems with

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I need orthopedic help....I have been having problems with my left knee...At night, my knee gets extremely numb and I have this ice cold feeling going down my leg...It happens often and is painful and uncomfortable...Is there a problem to look out for????
You may not have an orthopedic problem at all. In fact, it is doubtful that this is orthopedic in nature.

You need to start with your primary care doctor. He or she needs to check you for something called CLAUDICATION (click on the link to learn about it).... this is basically pain caused by poor blood supply to the leg. Claudication is usually made worse with activity and gets better with rest so this may not be the answer, but it certainly needs to be ruled out.

Other problems could be nerve related, possibly a herniated disc in your lower back causing pain in the leg and knee, or even neuropathy from medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

In short, I do not think an Orthopedic evaluation is the place to start. I think starting with your primary care provider is the way to go. You will likely need an ultrasound of your legs to check on blood flow, and the workup can proceed from there if that study does not explain your symptoms.

I am standing by if you have questions for me about my answer.

Be well
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