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Dr. Tharun
Dr. Tharun, Doctor
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Dr. Tharun, I posted a question that I addressed specifically

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Dr. Tharun,
I posted a question that I addressed specifically to you and unfortunately it was routed somewhere else. Please let me know I can submit this question to you. Respectfully.
HI again,

Do you have any specific urinary symptoms like burning while passing urine ?If yes what are the present symptoms ?

Have they checked your serum Creatinine and GFR levels ?

Please let me know

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dr. Tharun,


I am glad we finally connected. On Saturday, I was excreting very hot urine and felt an overall feeling of malaise. On Sunday, I felt a little better but still have abdominal bloating and backache. I was confused when I went to the ER as the physician said based on the urinalysis, I did not have an active infection so he did not prescribe any medication. Yet, I am perplexed since I am still experiencing symptoms. My creatinine levels were checked on May 29 and read 0.6 for creatinine and GFR levels were greater than 112.


Yours is a little different case as patients on steroids , immuno-suppressants , neutropenia may have an infection without very obvious positive blood and urine reports and sometimes even without symptoms.

So symptoms should be interpreted more carefully as condition can worsen without much warning in these special scenarios.

As you discussed in recent questions today, the urine reports needs to be checked repeatedly and followed up with your doctor.An ultrasound may not be of great help in your case as it may miss early features of acute infection.A plain CT scan would be more accurate to diagnose any subtle signs of infection like nephromegaly , perinephric stranding and small collection around the kidney.This may provide circumstantial evidence for existence of an infection and hence a documented proof to start you on appropriate treatment.
A contrast enhanced CT scan would be contraindicated in your case because of myeloma.

Loss of appetite and abdominal bloating/back ache can be a sign of pyelo nephritis and it is better to contact your doctor or an Urologist as soon as possible.

Get yourself a CT scan done as early as possible and you can at least ask you your doctor to put you on oral antibiotics till these things clear up.

I hope this gives you a clearer picture.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH DR. THARUN! I am going to schedule an appointment with a urologist as soon as possible. I really appreciate you taking my questions as you always provide detailed responses and explanations. I am truly thankful that Just Answers has intelligent, knowledgeable and excellent physicians like yourself to address concerns and answer questions.