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Vakul Aren
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I am not sure if I have the right catagory ir not. I am

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I am not sure if I have the right catagory ir not. I am having problems with my hands. I cannot use them for more than a few minutes for anything, like writng or typing or dooing dishes, or ANYTHING without them cramping up badly. Just to type this I have had to take several breaks to type 5 sentances. They are not swollenm or injured or any hing. I also have aswefull fine motor skills. I cannot do small things at all. My left hand also trembles cotatanty. I get so frustrated I cannot do anythign. Why is this happening?

Welcome to Just Answer.Severe hand cramps may occur in hypocalcaemia which may accompany parathyroid gland disease.Other causes would include autoimmune diseases like Polymyositis/Scleroderma and others,Parkinson's disease,Vitamin D deficiency ,chronic renal disease,Tetany, and focal petit mal seizures.It would help to consult your doctor /Neurologist who can rule out any neurological or hormonal cause of the problem.Neuromuscular causes of cramps may also need to be looked into.Irritation of the cervical nerve roots and brachialgia may need to be ruled out.

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