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Vakul Aren
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Back in Febuary of this year I went into the doctor for a

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Back in Febuary of this year I went into the doctor for a chronic cough and tickle in my throat. I was diagnosed with Alpha 1 Antirtyrpsine Deficiency. I am a ZZ. I am a non smoker. I just this last week discovered that my cough had nothing to do with Alpha 1. But, I at least was diagnosed early for this liver and lung disease. Thats why I believe that ALL things happen for a reason.
this was on my final results for a Ct scan of the chest without contrast done 2-12-2013.
At the posterior margin and superior margin of the left trachea is a 4mm pocket of gas likely reflecting tiny tracheal diverticulum.
high resolution images better demonstrate bronchiectasis throughout the lungs. Mild diffuse bronchiectasis throughout the lungs which may reflect sequelae of prior inflamation. There is mild subsegmental and linear atelectasis at the dependent portion of the lungs. no active pulmonary parenchymal process otherwise.
1. there is mild diffuse dilatation of the bronchial segment without frank wall thickening concerning for early bronchectasis. this may reflect sequelae of prior inflamation. Mild diffuse active bronchitis could have a similar appearance.
2. No discrete airspace consolidation or mass. Mild linear atelectasis or scarring within the dependent portions of the lower lobes.
tell me what your opinion is. I will be seeing an ENT next month on the 10th. is this something I should try to get in sooner? (for the polyps)? I have difficulty breathing sometimes and run out of breath easy. I assumed it was from the alpha 1. I DID have a small polyp removed from my throat when I was a very young child. is this something that can get bigger and obstruct my breathing?
Vakul Aren :

Welcome to Just Answer.The ZZ gene causes Alpha-1AntiTrypsin Deficiency (AATD),the production of AAT is only 10% of that required to prevent damage to the alveoloar walls in the lungs.Liver damage due to accumulation of AAt in Hepatocytes may also lead to liver damage and cirrhosis.Your CT chest reports are consistent with the diagnosis of AATD including damage to both lung bases and Bronchiectasis which may occur due to repeated infections of damaged lung tissue which could also be secondary to the AATD.The tracheal diverticulum appears to be a birth defect.Dyspnoea or breathlessness is the primary symptom seen in the 4th decade of life in AATD patients.Weekly I/V infusion of Prolastin,a preparation of AAT which has been purified and found disease free can provide relief.Early use of antibiotic therapy can help prevent further damage to lung tissue,Nebulised/Inhaled therapy with Beta-adrenergic drugs and bronchodilators,including inhaled steroids may help reduce the inflammation and dyspnoea.It is unlikely that a throat/tracheal polyp would be causing your problems which appear to be mainly due to AATD.

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