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I keep having pain, swelling, throbbing deep inside one

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I keep having pain, swelling, throbbing deep inside one nostril. It radiates into the forehead and that side of the face and causes headaches and sometimes migraines.
Welcome and thank you for your question. I am Dr.Mazumdar and I hope I'm able to help you with your medical problem today.
Your symptoms suggest that you could have n enlarged turbinate in the affected nostril. Turbinates are folds of bones and mucus membrane on the outer wall of the nostrils which help to regulate air flow. These can become enlarged in reaction to an infection, allergic reaction or due to chronic sinusitis.
Enlargement will affect the air flow as well as cause blockage of ducts which help drain the sinuses. This in turn will cause pain in the nostril as well as radiating pain from that part of the face as well as as headaches.
Please consult an ENT specialist- in mildly enlarged turbinates, antibiotics and other medicines will help. If the turbinates are grossly enlarged and do not reduce with antibiotics, surgery may be necessary.
I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** I looked up enlarged turbinates and the symptoms • "Chronic nosebleeds" and "Chronic sinus infections" I don't have. The other two "Congested or blocked nasal breathing" and "Breathing trouble at night and snoring" may be there but are not the main complaint. As mentioned I have no allergies, don't think I have an infection or chronic sinusitis either. My symptoms come and go within hours or a day.
Do you still think it sounds like enlarged turbinates? If so: what can I do to improve the pain till I get an appointment with an ENT ( takes weeks)?
Thanks so much
Thank you for your reply.
Chronic nose bleeds and sinusitis may not always be present in enlarged turbinates. Many patients present with only difficulty in breathing.
Since your symptoms come and go within hours, i am even more convinced that you do have enlarged turbinates. The turbinates can become enlarged due to an allergic reaction and the enlargement can decrease just as fast. Humidity and dust in the air can also play a part.
To decrease the pain, you can take Ibuprofen 200mg thrice a day after food. You can also gargle with warm saline water - this will not only help sooth the throat but also help dilate the blood vessels in the throat and nose and drain the area.
If you can use a netipot, available in any medical store, that will also help.
I hope this helps.
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