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I live in the Caribbean. My husband roasted cashews the

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I live in the Caribbean. My husband roasted cashews the other day and we pealed and eat them. He also squeezed the juice from the cashew fruit and we drank it. We now have this growing itchy rash all over our bodies. I am not allergic to Poison Ivy. What is it and how can we treat it?
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and am ready to help.

this could be an allergy type reaction to cashew nuts

or it could be a reaction to a food virus which could have also been in the nuts.

using benadryl (also called diphenhydramine) antihistamine is good safe medication to help decrease allergic symptoms. usually the dose is 25 to 50mg every 12 hours or so to help decrease histamine mediated allergy reactions. this can be used along with hydrocortisone 1% steroid cream and benadryl cream as well.

if these measures don't work in 2-3 days, you and your husband really need to see a doctor and get an evaluation and blood work to check for other causes of rash.

you then might need stronger prescription medicaitons like oral steroids or stronger steroid creams to help control the rash.
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