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I'm seeking information on Requip for reactions after -term

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I'm seeking information on Requip for reactions after long-term use. I have taken it for 13 years and maybe my constant fatigue/low energy is connected because my energy returns as soon as the sun goes down and I am then able to get my work done. I had a sleep study because I wake up exhausted and dizzy. it showed I go into rem sleep only the last three minutes and my oxygen saturation goes down to 85%.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and am ready to help.

requip can cause slowing if the heart or bradycardia in some patients, also sudden sleep episodes and and even fainting spells.

but decrease in oxygen saturation at night time could be due to sleep apnea.

did your sleep study find sleep apnea or obstructive airway during sleeping?

did you snore during the sleep study?

did you have slowing of your heart or breathing rate during sleep?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No sleep apnea, no snoring, no obstructed airway, no slowing of heart. But I have had lots of stress: 18mo ago I had my third bout with breast cancer in the past 35 years. no spread as with the other two. I have had two mastectomies, one lumpectomy and radiation before the second mastectomy. Was a big scare. I am a very busy professional musician and I tutor algebra too. Ihaul around lots of percussion equipment, I play drums and piano. And I have an adult autistic child with a three-year-old who may be autistic too. Husband passed away two years ago.

wow, that is a lot of stress.

that can keep you from sleeping well. and make you feel exhausted all the time

you probably have no time to exercise at all. exercise can help you sleep a bit better

no wonder you are exausted.

it sounds like you have more than your plate full. it sounds like you have 2 or 3 plates going on.

probably no way to decrease your responsibilites and slow down a bit.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I swim 40 laps every three days. Lifting weights is taken care of when I spend one to two hours loading my van with keyboards, amps, and drum equipment: tympani, bass drum, snare drum and very heavy hardware.

I stopped swimming about six months ago when my energy and my sleep became a problem. I'm just too tired to go to the pool. But I continue to perform because I already committed to the gigs. But playing three-hour opera performances is very hard because of my lack of energy. I thought the Requip may be the problem because sundown is when restless leg problems arise.

But, you are not a neurologist, so how an you really see if the Repuip therapy is the problem? I was hoping to find a specialist in that for my question.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Other.
Dr. David is not a neurologist who needs to know about restless leg syndrome and the effects of long term use if the drug, Requip. I am having energy, dizzyness and sleep problems that seem to get better as soon as the sun goes down. Could it be the requip?
we have a specialist neurology section here at JustAnswers if you want to ask a question for a neurology specialist.

questions into the "medicine" section of justanswers is answered by a medical doctor.

requip can cause some fatigue

however, I am more worried about your restless leg syndrome. many doctors feel restless leg syndrome has similar traits to parkinsons disease like illnesses. requip is really a medicine used for patients who have parkinson's disease. it is in the same category as other parkinsons medications. it stimulates dopamine receptors.

if you are having more fatigue and more problems with breathing and oxygenation at night time, I would be worried about possibly increased risks for motor neuron weakness or central midbrain neuron changes.

have you had an MRI scan of your brain to look for changes in your midbrain?

you shoudl consult with a neurologist and possibly get a nerve biopsy or muscle biopsy to check for motor neuron issues.

also your B12 levels, iron, vitamin D levels, magnesium levels, folate levels, thyroid hormone levels all need to be checked as well since these can all cause fatigue as well.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The system told me that my question is opening to the whole staff. Does that mean you have a neurologist who could review what I have said and attempt to advise me? That would be wonderful. It would be nice to be able to bring an alternate explanation/opinion to my neurologist at our next appointment. None of my other doctors have a clue. Could you email me, because I need to go to sleep now. Maybe I can actually fall asleep tonight.

email: kberkman

I do hope you sleep better.

I don't have control who reviews this question series or not.

we do have neurologist who look over questions from time to time

we are not allowed to directly email you. that is against privacy rules here at JA.

let me know if you have other questions.
Dr. David and 3 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You suggested an MRI. My ENT sent me last week for an MRI of the Vestibulocochlear complexes. It was normal. So my episodes of vertigo and mild dizziness are still mysteries. It must have something to do with the 13 years of requip. But I can't stop the drug and go back to the nightly hell I suffered for the first 65 years. I have to do something to stop the very few episodes of vertigo though. It could happen while I'm driving! Did I mention I'm 76 years old, normal weight, not diabetic?

you very well could be right about the requip.

you can talk to your doctor about switching over to another type of restless leg syndrom medication like sinemet (carbodopa/levodopa) and see if this controls your restless leg syndrome and have less side effect of the vertigo and fatigue symptoms and better sleep.

have you tried Sinemet before?

was the MRI scan of the whole brain? with contrast?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sinemet doesn't work very well on me. Mirapex side effects are unacceptable - my hair falls out. Mri was with and without contrast and probably not the whole brain - report says, vestibulocochlear complexes.

IF I treat the vertigo side effect I would have to find a drug that works. Mechlizine has no effect. Compazine is OK for the nausea and an antihistamine is the only thing my doctor can come up with to fight the dizziness unless you can think of something else to keep my inner ear better organized. some type of exercise or maneuver of the head.

I will accept dizzy and tired as a trade off for the terrible pain of the RLS but the vertigo has to be dealt with. I had two episodes the last three months, one lasting two days, the other 30 seconds.

you might need a high resolution 3 tesla MRI scan of the whole brain with contrast if your symptoms are this severe.

there is the epley maneuver which can help vertigo symptoms

you can read more here