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Dr. Das, MD
Dr. Das, MD, Doctor
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Dear doctor, My 12 year old underwt/underht daughter

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Dear doctor,
My 12 year old underwt/underht daughter has Hb 6.8 , platelet- 3,14000 ,
Eritrocyte-4.21 million/cmm , Total Leucocyte count – 6100 cu/mm ,
Monocytes- 7% , Lymphocytes-53% , Neutrophil-31% , eosinophil-8% ,
basophil-1% , ESR-35 , serum ferritin -6.42 , MCV-63.5 , MCH- 16.5 , RDW-20.4,
Hb F- 0.4% , Hb A2- 2.5% would you please look at the figures and give Your
valued comment. Stool occult blood negative. She used to have heavy
[email protected] days cycle lasting for 6/7 days almost entirely last year now it is
somehow stabilised . These tests were done during a recent fever with an upper
lid stye treated with linezolid and now gone. Still she is feverish sometimes
mostly in the evenings (99-99.5F) is it due to her anemia? .she has polycystic ovary. Her 25.6.12 blood reports were all normal .

Welcome and thank you for your question.

I am assuming here that your daughter has had her stool tested for parasites and that she does not have any.

She does have anemia and this can often lead to chronic low grade infections which in turn can cause fever. But anemia does not directly cause fever.

She also has a low neutrophil and high lymphocyte count. This is frequently due to a viral infection, leukaemia or an autoimmune condition like SLE or rheumatoid arthritis. Autoimmune condition is uncommon in someone her age.

Please consult a hematologist for a repeat test.

I hope this helps.

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