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My doctor just prescribed ketorolac for my diverticulosis

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Hello, my doctor just prescribed ketorolac for my diverticulosis pain as I was taking way too many ibuprophin.
I just read that people with this condition and other inflammatory bowel problems should use extreme caution when taking ketorolac. Should it be ok if I only use it sparingly ?
911DOC :

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911DOC :

confused that he would do that as ketorolac is an NSAID, like ibuprofen, and can increase bleeding.

911DOC :

Think Tylenol is a much better choice.

911DOC :

I think it would be worth asking your prescribing doctor about this because if you have bleeding it can make it worse and people will often get bleeding with diverticulosis.

911DOC :

are you there?

911DOC :

to answer your final question.

911DOC :

yes, certainly okay to use sparingly, but not with active bleeding.

911DOC :

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** thinking that ibuprophin would work good as the pain is caused by inflammation - and he said that this would be better then 600 mg of ibuprophin e wry 4 hrs - I will also soon need to have part of my bowel removed. I also have adisol
with codene but it can cause constipation wich would be bad for me also hard to know what to take for the pain

Tylenol would be the best if it helps.

I do not think there is any credible evidence showing ketorolac is superior to ibuprofen. It may be more convenient.

I think this problem will go away after your surgery.


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