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I have a persistent cough, I have been to the Dr, no strep,

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I have a persistent cough, I have been to the Dr, no strep, no sinus infection. Allergies and silent reflux; taking the nexium and zantac; taking zyrtec and doing nasal irrigation. I am coughing so often and hard that I gag and vomit, the Dr has given me the Tussilon Pearls and Cheratussin 150 syrup for night only. They don't even touch the cough, I have added Dayquil, Nyquil, Delsum, Robitussin... nothing even slows it down. I am so sleep deprived and my throat feels like raw meat.....I last spoke with my Dr on Friday....any new ideas

Welome and thank you for the question. I am Dr.Mazumdar and i hope i am able to help you with your problem today.

Cough is usually a reaction to an irritant inside the throat - this irritant can be an infeciton, or an inflammaiton due to allergies or acid reflux or even a growth.

Since none of the medicines are helping, you need a test called direct larungoscopy to check out your larynx and pharynx - this will help identify any causes like a growth or erosion inside the throat.

You also need a chest Xray to rule out any lung causes which can be contributing to the cough like COPD, bronchiectasis etc.

Please consult an ENT specialist.

I hope this helps.
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