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Dr. Rick, MD
Dr. Rick, MD, Board Certified MD
Category: Medical
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Experience:  20+ years as a doctor. Internal Medicine Internship in NYC
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Decreased, blurred and/or double vision after running 800

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Decreased, blurred and/or double vision after running 800 and 1600 meter races
Hello from JA
Does she have any other medical problems?>
Hi. My name is***** I completed an Internal medicine internship in NYC and have two decades of clinical experience. How can I assist you today?
I am an eye surgeon and specialize in issues this this.
First, a few questions:
1. Does she wear glasses? If so, is she very nearsighted or do you know her glasses Rx?
2. How long does this last after running?
3. Is she able to read when this happens?
4. Are both eyes affected?
5. Does she have any nausea, eye pain, eye redness or sensitivity to light when this occurs?
6. Does this occur at any other time, like if she is outside in the dark for extended periods?
7. Does she see halo's around lights?
This is not an answer, but an Information Request. I need this information to answer your question. Please reply, so I can answer your question. I look forward to helping you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
She does not wear glasses; she is very competitive and may push herself too hard; I am a retired MD myself; this is my granddaughter; my main concern is that there is nothing to worry about; I did wonder if her Hgb should be checked. I think it lasts mainly seconds,but could be longer; she may also have a little problem with her balance for a matter mof minutes,i.e. like walking a straight line. This has not occured at other times; and does not happen every time. This occurs with both eyes open ;she may have had some nausea once. No other signs or symptoms I can think of. One time she said her vision almost totally went away for a few seconds?
My concern is that she may be suffering from Pigment Dispersion Syndrome.
This is a condition where the iris bows backwards and rub against the zonules (which hold the lens in place). During heavy exercise, large amounts of pigment are rubbed off,circulate in the anterior chamber and cause the intraocular pressure to become elevated, sometimes to levels over 50 mmHg (normal eye pressure is 10 to 20 mmhg). This can cause all the symptoms your Granddaughter is experiencing and --should the pressure get high enough it could -- in rare cases cause brief amaurosis.
While it is not an emergency you should have her seen by an ophthalmologist who, in addition to a complete dilated eye exam, will check for pigment on the endothelium (kruckenberg spindle), Iris transillumination defects on retro-illumination and, via gonioscopy, evidence of increased pigmentation of her trabecular meshwork (fluid outflow channels of the eye)
Any ophthalmologist, once you present the history above, should be able to figure out what is going on.
Here is a good article on this topic:
Is there anything else you would like to discuss at this point or have all your questions been answered to your satisfaction?
I hope this information was helpful for you. But I do work for tips so I want to make sure you are happy with me before rating me. If you have another question on this or a related issue feel free to fire away. You may also receive an email survey after our chat, if you don’t feel that I have earned a “10” rating in all areas, please let me know what I can do to meet your expectations.
Thanks in advance,
Dr. Rick MD FACS
Also, should you want to give a positive rating on this question, since two experts have responded to you, please make sure that you have selected the expert you desire.
Thanks and please, give my best to your Grand daugher.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What I read about PDS said it is usually asymptomatic; if your diagnosis turns out to be right I will send you extra money. My e-mail is***@******.***. Also, my granddaughter told my wife that she felt like she wanted to keep her eye s closed at the time of the symptoms or it hard to keep them open; not sure what this would be, unless muscle fatique? Why do you say PDS could cause her symptoms? Thanks Curt
I am not paid until you press the positive feedback button. Right now you have only left a fully refundable deposit. I guess, however, the day will come when doctors are only paid when their diagnosis are confirmed as correct and the patient is pleased with the treatment outcome.... ;)
What you have mentioned about your reading is why the medicine doctors and I have a deal in our town: I won't treat heart attacks and they won't treat eyes. :)
The fact that she can't keep her eyes open could be from photophobia.
Or are you thinking more along the lines of MS/MD? From an eye point of view, from what you have posted PDS is at the top of my differential. Of course, if your Grand daughter were in my office it would be a lot easier to diagnose her. I'm sure that, as a physician yourself, you can understand the limitations that are placed on me when chatting on the internet is my entire diagnostic repertoire....
It's safe for you to press the positive feedback button now if you so desire. And, never fear, even after you press that button I don't go up in a puff of smoke -- I'll still be right here to continue helping you, but, as I do work for tips, I want to make sure you are happy before rating me.
Dr. Rick, MD, Board Certified MD
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 11313
Experience: 20+ years as a doctor. Internal Medicine Internship in NYC
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Also, our firewall blocks all emails and phone numbers. We can, however, continue to communicate on this thread.
I wish your Grand daughter the very best.