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I encountered palsy

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I encountered palsy on the left side of my face. I didn't even know that I had it until my doctor alerted me during a prescription visit two weeks ago. I am a Cardiovascular patient, with one stent implant. Doctor placed me on Prednisolone @ 1 per day for 10 days. The medication has been completed. A couple of nights ago I had SEVERE pain in my left hip area ( I usually sleep on my left side) which created a loss of sleep. I've found that Paracetamol relieves the condition and allows me to sleep. I noticed over the last 24 hours that I now have a numbness in the left side of my backside. I visited my doctor today, mentioned the problem and he felt that my symptoms could be related to the (Bells') Palsy. When showering this evening I noticed that I now have a series of rashes in the area of the numbness. I should also add that I had a Stapedectomy on my right ear some 50 years ago. Doctor discounted that the Stapedectomy has anything to do with the palsy, even though both events affected the right hand side of my face. Each 'new' symptom are rapidly manifested. May I have another opinion please? Many thanks, XXXXX XXXXX

Vakul Aren : Welcome to JA. I am Dr.Vakul Aren and I will help you with this question.Bell's Palsy or facial palsy is usually secondary to viral neuritis or viral inflammation of the facial nerve of that particular side leading to loss of muscle power of the facial muscles that are affected.The numbness and rash in the left side of the backside could be secondary to herpes zoster ,another virus that causes shingles /inflammation of the nerves.This usually occurs in the elderly due to lowered immunity.The rash would be a raised rash with a whitish /pearly centre along the path of the nerves of the buttocks.
Vakul Aren : The infection of shingles is usually caused by the Human herpes Virus-3(HHV-3)which is acquired in childhood while suffering from chicken pox.The virus lies dormant in the sensory nerve ganglia,this may flare up in the elderly when immunity is lowered.Bell's palsy,herpes of the cervical,thoracic or lumbar roots of spinal nerves may occur in the elderly.The pre-eruptive phase of herpes causes itching/burning pain along with paraesthesia,later the rash is visible and lastly may be followed by post herpetic neuralgia.The flare up may be caused by physical trauma or stress along with increased age and lowered immunity.
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