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A friend has fluid build up in the lungs due to aspestas

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A friend has fluid build up in the lungs due to aspestas exposure when he was younger. They have given the family two options. One, to sedate him and clean the lungs out which will result (they say) in his being on a ventillator perhaps indefinitely and two, send him home with a drainage tube to manage the fluid which they say will harden and already has to a degree hence the cleaning out of the lungs suggestion, and, I'm supposing, could eventually cause death.
I'm concerned for the family and would appreciate an opinion from this site as to what would be the better course of treatment.
If they chose to manage the situation at home does this mean he won't have long to live or just what is the general prognosis in such cases.
And is there another approach nobody has mentioned to the family?
Doctor Cameron : hello
Doctor Cameron : welcome to just answer
Doctor Cameron : thanks for coming back :-0:-)
Customer: You are welcome. What can I tell you?
Doctor Cameron : does he have cancer from the asbestosis?
Doctor Cameron : *he has
Customer: They are doing a biopsy. He had cancer of the liver at one time however that was taken care of according to the DR
Doctor Cameron : well, the fluid build up is not a good omen
Customer: Certainly not and I wondered if it might have something to do with the cancer
Doctor Cameron : He probably has lung cancer as well
Doctor Cameron : He does not have very long
Doctor Cameron : So the best thing to do is make him comfortable
Customer: Oh dear so this would mean another course of treatment
Customer: they did say to make him comfortable.
Doctor Cameron : Cleaning out the lungs as you describe may result in him being on a ventilatory
Doctor Cameron : support system
Doctor Cameron : which is not desired
Customer: Would this be an extensive situation resulting in him remaining in the hospital and perhaps not being able to communicate
Doctor Cameron : exactly
Doctor Cameron : it is not a great way to go
Doctor Cameron : at all
Customer: Not the best course of action IMO
Doctor Cameron : me too
Customer: If he comes home and is made comfortable he likely wouldn't have long to live... am I correct
Doctor Cameron : correct
Doctor Cameron : the more comfortable option would be to put in a tube
Customer: How much time would that give him?
Customer: or perhaps nobody could really say
Customer: the other issue is his daughter and my son have a wedding planned for next year. She wants to somehow get her Dad to the court house and just get married so he can see it
Doctor Cameron : probabyl on the order of months
Doctor Cameron : I don't think that he will last that long
Doctor Cameron : this is called a malignant pleural effusion
Customer: this is out of your area of course but it's a serious issue and I'm trying to think how to advise them
Customer: A wedding would be under horribly stressful conditions
Doctor Cameron : Well, a quick court house wedding can be done
Doctor Cameron : And a small party after
Doctor Cameron : believe me, he is not the only one who has done this
Doctor Cameron : She can have a larger wedding the following year
Doctor Cameron : But sooner than later because he will get sicker fast
Customer: Perhaps that would be best. She suggested that and to go ahead with the already planned wedding at the scheduled time.
Doctor Cameron : yeah, she has a good head on her shoulders
Customer: Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.
Customer: If possible I would like this question and answer not to be published. Thanks again
Doctor Cameron : it is private for you
Doctor Cameron : I hope that I provided you with excellent service? :-)?
Customer: Thank you for your excellent help
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