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I just found out that i have hep c and I dont see my doc till

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I just found out that i have hep c and I dont see my doc till june 11th, I need my results explaned to me, It says that my hep c sample antibody test said signal to ccut-off; reactive 9.87 H? can you explane any?

Welcome and thank you for your question.

Tests for Hep c is carried out by screening tests by immunoassay. If this comes positive, then it needs to be confirmed by either of two tests - the ecombinant immunoblot assay (RIBA) or the nucleic acid testing of HCV (NAT test). The second two tests are however quite expensive. So a cut off margin in the immunoassay has been identified which indicates that the person is positive for Hep C and does not need the second two tests. This is the signal to cut off ratio (S/CO ratio).

A signal to cutoff ratio of more than 3.8 is highly predictive of a RIBA positive - meaning that a S/CO ratio of more than 3.8 can be diagnosed as positive for Hep C and does not need to get the second confirmatory tests.

In your case, a S/CO ratio of 9.87 is diagnostic of hep C.

I hope this helps.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I want to know what reactive 9.87 compared to a normal non reative of less than 1.00. I heard that once I see my pcp they will refer me to a gastrointeroligest and they do whatever tests they need to in order to seee what kind of hep c stand I have, is that correct?

A 9.87 S/CO is on the higher side.

The screening test of HCV is anti-HCV antibody test by immunoassays.

Yes, once you see your PCP, you will be referred for more definitive tests like the HCV PCR test. This test tests for the presence of teh actual virus and nit just the antibody. The HVC Viral load test detects and measures the number of viral particles in the blood.

There are also tests to check for the genotype of the HCV. Genotype is least likely to respond to treatment than genotype 2 nd 3 and will require longer duraiton of treatment. So genotyping will help determine the likelihood of success as also how long treatment may be needed.

I hope this helps.

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