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Dr. Rick, MD
Dr. Rick, MD, Board Certified MD
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Experience:  20+ years as a doctor. Internal Medicine Internship in NYC
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At the ultrasound they found a mass on my right kidney.

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hi, at the ultrasound they found a mass on my right kidney. Suggesting the next step ct scan with and without contrast. The result of the ct scan was renal mass heterogeneous, exophytic hyperdense with enhancement 65 UH in parenchyma. the mass has 2 part. 1 Cystic and the other one enhance. No adenopathy no sign of hydronephrosis. No fat infiltration. 3 step Mri with contrast to r/o neo result hemorhragic heterogeneous with no enhancement.
My question is,
is it possible to have enhancement on ct scan and not on Mri ?
I have to tell you that the liquid contrast was flowing out my arms. the elastic around my arms was all wet.
RickMD : Internal medicine internship in NYC with two decades of clinical experience. I am online and available to assist you today.
RickMD : Yes. You can have enhancement in some cases show up on CT scan and not MRI.
RickMD : Of course, given that you do not believe that the contrast material got into your body during the MRI but, rather, just flowed down the outside of your arms does raise some questions.
RickMD : In any event, it is clear from what you have posted that there is a serious problem with your right kidney. At this point I do not believe I would worry too much about repeating the MRI but, rather, consult with a urologist for possible biopsy or surgery.
Customer: the urologist decide to make a follow up in 6 months. Ultrasound.
Customer: said i am too young to get cancer..... its rare at my age.
RickMD : I, unfortunately, know many 20 year olds with are never too young..but, of course, a urologist would know the most about this type of issue and cancer. I think what the urologist is trying to say is that, given your findings so far, it is very unlikely that you have cancer -- which is a very good think, indeed! :)
RickMD : So. What is the take home message? Don't worry too much about the lack of enhancement on the MRI vs the CT scan. I suggest you follow the urologists advice and see him in 6 months or sooner, of course, should you have any new symptoms.
RickMD : Does this make sense to you?
Customer: yes but i am worry even if i try not to be.
Customer: he knows what he's talking about.
Customer: he's the expert
Customer: if its not cancerous why does he want to make a follow up
RickMD : That is why he gets paid the big bucks -- to do the worrying for you :)
RickMD : Because it still is not normal so he wants to see how it changes over time. This information will help the doctor to figure out what, if anything, needs to be done concerning this mass in your right kidney.
RickMD : Hopefully it will just stay the same and not cause you any problems.
Customer: i have so much questions..... i read a lot on the internet but its to complex. There is so much thing about the kidney....
Customer: well thank you for you time i appreciate it.
Customer: one last thing, when you say to how it change over time, could it turn to be cancerous ?
RickMD : The internet can be a very scary place...
Customer: lolll you are absolutely right !
RickMD : Anything is possible but, from what you have told me, I do not believe your urologist is worried that this mass will become a cancer.
RickMD : You can rest easy on this issue I Believe
RickMD : Does this make sense to you?
Customer: yes. thank you so much !
RickMD : My pleasure. Have a good week :)
RickMD : I hope this information was helpful for you. But I do work for tips so I want to make sure you are happy with me before rating me. If you have another question on this or a related issue feel free to fire away. You may also receive an email survey after our chat, if you don’t feel that I have earned a “10” rating in all areas, please let me know what I can do to meet your expectations.Thanks in advance,Dr. Rick MD FACS
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