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I received information in the mail about Bioactive Liver Rejuvinix

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I received information in the mail about Bioactive Liver Rejuvinix and am trying to decide whether or not to order the product. I have several of the symptoms the product discusses and I would like to know if it really does help cleanse the liver.
What specific symptoms do you have?

Why are you specifically considering this product?

Have you seen a doctor about your symptoms?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I've seen more doctors than you can imagine. Family Doctor, Podiatrist, Neurosurgeon, Pain Doctor, Vascular Surgeons (2) and my second Podiatrist hit the nail on the head. Claudication but all vascular tests show no sign of a blockage, swelling ankles and feet, bad back (post laminectomy syndrome, walking tires my legs and causes breathing like an anxiety attack, A1C is 6.3 so possible diabetes, severe B12 deficiency and small fiber neuropathy ( punch biopsies in both ankles). I've been told years ago that I had a fatty liver but on the repeat test I was told no I didn't and I am insulin resistant. My toes turn blue and red and swell as do the bottoms of my feet. I guess those are the main symptoms. Thanks
Thank you for this additional information.

There is absolutely NO scientific evidence to support any of the claims made for this product. The ingredients are not even listed on the website, and there are absolutely NO studies to suggest that this product would do ANYTHING at all to benefit you (or anyone) with these symptoms.

Unfortunately, current federal law allows less than reputable companies to promote these "supplements" with misleading and fanciful claims. I wish there was some easy or "magic" solution to your multiple symptoms, but this product is NOT the answer.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Any suggestions for my problems? I need some help here....
Unfortunately, without your complete medical history, a physical examination and testing, there is no way to make a diagnosis over the internet.

Insulin resistance, fatty liver (that is not caused by excessive alcohol intake) and the elevated hemoglobin A1c may improve with a diabetic diet. Treating the B12 deficiency is of course very important.

You may want to ask your doctor about trying you on Lyrica or Neurotin for these symptoms.
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