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Question related to stomach cramp & blackout. I am 34 yr old

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Question related to stomach cramp & blackout.
I am 34 yr old male, normal and healthy etc, normal weight etc - no know issues.
in the evening i at my meal as normal, and as nromal i do eat quite quickly and not chew my food a lot.... but no issues.
i ate my food, and then afterwards went to use my computer in my home office. i sat leaning forwards in my chair leaning onto the table and was happily surfing web etc. after around 45mins, i felt myself almost backout over around 30secs i think and also at the same time had a sudden stomach cramp/pain. i came round and paniced and thought wow i nearly passed out etc, that was weird... and my senses etc were abnormal i expect due to almost blacking out... then a few seconds later it happened again, much more intensly and i blacked out for a few seconds and came too slumped on the table, and of course felt strange for a few mins as i came to terms with it etc.immeditaly afterwards i rushed to the toilet and had diorea. is it somehting i need to worry about?
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There are two issues in this situation - the abdominal symptoms and the blacking out, although most people are going to be most worried about the blacking out

The blacking out that you describe sounds like a vasovagal episode. The term refers to a sudden activations of a portion of the involuntary nervous system that causes the blood vessels to dilate and blood pressure to drop, which can lead to fainting or lightheadedness. This can happen in response to a variety of stimuli, including stomach cramping, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Although it is impossible to make a definitive diagnosis based solely on the history, it sounds like a vasovagal episode and is the most likely. Although some people have recurrent vasovagal episodes, they typically happen only in response to certain stimuli, so generally does not require specific treatment.

The abdominal symptoms are less worrisome, and could either simply be due to a virus or a reaction to the foods that were eaten. If the abdominal symptoms resolve spontaneously, there is no reason for further evaluation or concern. If the symptoms persist, it would be appropriate to look for other problems, the most often being various infections of the gut.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.
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