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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
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I'm in Shanghai, China and went to the hospital fro rapid

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I'm in Shanghai, China and went to the hospital fro rapid heart beats- 150-160 per min-the Dr gave me some pills called propafenone hydrochloride-what does this do and what was the diagnosis?
Anthony Bray MD : Hello!
Anthony Bray MD : The medication that you were given, propafenone is an anti- arrhythmia drug for the heart.
Anthony Bray MD : It is intended to stabilize the heart's rhythm .
Anthony Bray MD : Based on your history I would suspect that you went into a rhythm called atrial fibrillation with a rapid ventricular response.
Anthony Bray MD : Other rhythm disturbances could have been the case however....
Anthony Bray MD : Supra ventricular tachycardia could be another possibility with the rate that you describe...
Anthony Bray MD : At your age I would say that atrial fibrillation would be the most commonly diagnosed new abnormal rhythm however...
Anthony Bray MD : The drug slows the conduction through the AV node in the heart which is a major electrical relay in the center of the heart. It has the effect to help control the rapid rate and often would help to maintain a normal sinus rhythm .
Anthony Bray MD : I would recommend that you obtain copies of your EKG tracings both the abnormal and normal as part of your record.
Anthony Bray MD : I would suggest speaking with your cardiologist to help clarify exactly your diagnosis and current rhythm.
Anthony Bray MD : if you should have persistent atrial fibrillation with a controlled rate then this condition does increase risk of clot formation within the heart which could break loose and flow upstream and risk a stroke. For this reason we advise people with chronic or recurrent atrial fibrillation to also be on medication to reduce risk of stroke. ( the nature of these type clots is not as effectively prevented by aspirin so other options such as coumadin or Xarelto are preferred in this instance)
Anthony Bray MD : i must emphasize that there is no way that I can inform you exactly what your rhythm disturbance was as there are a few possibilities here.... Based on your history I would most suspect that you had atrial fibrillation as I have explained however.
Anthony Bray MD : I hope that this information is helpful for you! If you have further questions then let me know and I will be happy to get back with you!

is it possible for you to call my cell phone to discuss this rather than typing?my number is *****

Anthony Bray MD : If my answer has been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback. That would be very much appreciated! Thank you and best regards,
Anthony Bray MD : Anthony Bray MD

Dr Bray, should I take these pills until I get home to the states where I can see a Dr or should I reduce the dose?

Anthony Bray MD : I'm sorry but I am unable to call. has a mutual privacy policy and do not allow customers to call or email providers or vice versa....they x-Ed out your number...
Anthony Bray MD : No I think you are best to take them as prescribed until you can see your doctor back home!!
Anthony Bray MD : it would be dangerous for you to reduce your own dose or stop!
Anthony Bray MD : Try to obtain copies if the EKG's though-- that will help your doctor to interpret what has been going on....
Anthony Bray MD : I hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions or concerns!!

I'm now taking reduce to 2 pills, 3 times per day of 50 mg- the Dr said after that togo to one pill 3 times per day- or should I stay at basically 150 mg per day?

Anthony Bray MD : Yes I would stay at the 150mg/ day until you get back home...

All right, I was cutting back as per the Dr's instruction,to basically 300 mg per day, then 150 per day afer 3 days-I'll just stay at 150 mg 3 times per day until I get back-Is that what you recommend?

Anthony Bray MD : This med is typically started at150mg every 8 hours... It has extended release forms that may be taken once a day ( if your do toe elected to keep you on this )
Anthony Bray MD : Yes, I think that is fine.... I think you are best to keep on steady dose until you arrive back home and have your conditioned reviewed,,,

the pills I have are 50 mg's-she said to take 3 of these 3 times per day for 3 days, then reduce to 2 pills, 3 times per day for another 3 days, then go to 1 pill, 3 times perday- does that make sense?

Anthony Bray MD : Yes it makes sense but there are going to be different approaches that are still valid. I think that she was trying to make certain that the rhythm was stable and then aimed to gradually minimize your dose....I think that 50 to 100 mg three times a day would be fine until you return home...

All right, then I will do what you recommend- thanx for your help- my life is in your hands- Thanks, ***** ***** Hastreiter

Anthony Bray MD : The med is marketed in the US under name Rythmol...
Anthony Bray MD : You are very welcome! Have a safe trip home!! Best regards ***** *****!!

Yes I saw that on line-I'll let my Dr make that call- thanx again

Anthony Bray MD : You are very welcome! Take care!!
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