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I had x-rays taken this afternoon. What do you mean by, "You

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I had x-rays taken this afternoon.
What do you mean by, "You may have a closed but displaced fracture (this means it did not break the skin and that the bone is more than just cracked but still in position >> this would mean that the bone is angulated out of position." (How can it be still in position but angulated out of position?)
My pain is not severe; I can walk but my toe is inflamed (not bruised) and when I put on shoes can feel discomfort. With these symptoms, could I have the above or unlikely?
And if I had the above what would be the treatment. Thank you.

Welcome and thank you for the question.

Your Xray means that the bone is cracked and angulated but is still within the periosteum. The periosteum is a tough membrane that covers the bone except at the joints. The bone is said to be in position, even if it is angulated, as long as it is within the periosteum. The periospteum gives support to the bones.

I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just had the x-rays this afternoon. I don't have the radiologist's report yet.

Since my pain in not severe, is it unlikely that I have suffered the above injury?

I am somewhat concerned since the small toe on my right foot appears to point to about 2 o'clock, but not sure what it looked like before; i.e., baseline. Thank you.

since your pain is not severe, it is possible that the bone is not displaced. Toe bone fractures rarely get displaced.

The toes pointing to a 2 o'clock position may not be due to displacement of the bone but due to contraction of the tendons and muscles on one side of the toe as a response to the injury.

I hope this helps.
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