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Dr .Saha
Dr .Saha, Doctor(MD)
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Pain in testicles followed by red circle on my penis near the bottom

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Three weeks ago I believe I was experiencing pain in my testicles, and as of two days I found this red circle like area on my penis near the bottom. What should I do? And is this normal?

Welcome to Just Answer.
How large is the circle?
About a cm I guess

Dr. Saha :
Is there any other symptom?
Do you feel pain, itching?
No, not now but two weeks ago my testicles were hurting me

Dr. Saha :
How is the pain in the testicles now?
Its gone away

Dr. Saha :
Is the testicle swollen?
I'm guessing its not, how would I be able to tell?

Dr. Saha :
You can notice it if they are larger than before.
No they are not

Dr. Saha :
Did you have unprotected sex?
No, about a week before my testicles started hurting I had sex with a condom

Dr. Saha :
Is the red circle increasing in size?
Do you have any discharge from penis like pus?
No it is the same as yesterday morning

Dr. Saha :
There can be a few causes for the red circle.
There can be an infection.
Fungal one can cause red circle.
Dermatitis, allergy can cause it.
You can observe it now.
If it persists or increases in size, I would suggest to get it checked by doctor.
Meanwhile, you can apply lotrimin cream there.
This would help if it is fungal.
If there’s anything else I can do, please let me know
Could you take a quick look at it though it would make me feel a lot better

Dr. Saha :
You can send a picture.

Dr. Saha :
It is more like a fungal infection.
You can try lotrimin cream.
Ok thanks

Dr. Saha :
You are always welcome.

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