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Vakul Aren
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Sore neck on left side for over 1 month. No known cause. What

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Sore neck on left side for over 1 month. No known cause. What might it be, and his can I make it go away?
Welcome to Just Answer.I am Dr.Vakul Aren and I will help you with your query.It would be important to point out that neck pain may be a manifestation of angina/cardiovascular disease like Carotidynia which would need to be assessed and ruled out.Another common cause would be secondary to the cervical spine and spinal rots/spinal canal stenosis which would also need to be assessed.This would involve ruling out any spinal or neurological cause of the pain.Other causes would include musculoskeletal causes which may be secondary to posture/occupation/strain and spasms of muscles and ligaments of the neck and shoulder.Similar pain may be seen in arthritis,prolonged hours at the computer, and temporo-mandibular joint disease if the upper part of the neck is involved.A check up by your PCP and investigations as suggested by the physical findings may help diagnose the cause.
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