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Anthony Bray, MD
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This is an odd request, but I need to give a speech on Organ

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This is an odd request, but I need to give a speech on Organ donation, and need an interview with a doctor. I have tried calling doctors, but all are too busy. I just need two questions answered: "Why do you think a person should become a donor", and "Do you think making mandatory donation of prisoners organs is a good idea, why or why not?" I know this is a long shot, but I would really appreciate help!

I only need about three sentences in reply, should only take a minute. I can do over the phone as well.

Anthony Bray MD : Hello!


Anthony Bray MD : Yes --- I do favor people volunteering to become organ donors. This would allow the potential for an individual to give a critical life enhancing ( such as cornea of the eyes ) or a life saving ( such as a lung or heart donation) gift--- what better legacy could we hope to give to another person upon our own death??
Anthony Bray MD : Still I favor strictly VOLUNTARY plans for donation and not mandatory even with regard to prisoners ....

Thank you, ***** ***** appreciate your time, I've been calling doctor offices for over an hour.


I know you are all busy, I had to have an expert to interview though

Anthony Bray MD : it is when we value the rights of the individual that we then collectively enjoy receiving the greatest respect and dignity!!
Anthony Bray MD : Some people may have very personal religious or other objections to organ donation and the individual's rights should be respected in this regard....
Anthony Bray MD : the prisoner I think has received a judgement against him or her in the system if justice. These individuals pay their debt to society and this should be complete upon their death....

Do you have any ideas on how to increase the percentage of people who donate their organs? Do you think education about the benefits would help?

Anthony Bray MD : Ok --- did you have specific questions further??

Did you receive the last question I asked?

Anthony Bray MD : i think that many prisoners may be inappropriate for donation if they have certain diseases such as viral hepatitis or HIV of course....

That would be the only other question I had

Anthony Bray MD : This medical exclusion would be applicable to persons in general if course.... It is only specific circumstances that make organ donation possible.... Most natural deaths would not lend themselves to organ donation...

Right, I agree. My speech has to include some proposed legislature to help 'fix' the problem. The problem being lack of viable organs donated in relation to the demand.

Anthony Bray MD : Yes I think education would help. I think pro-donation advertising is a worthwhile adventure as well!

Great! Than you so much. I think that is all I need. I really appreciate your time!

Anthony Bray MD : I have a family whom lost a son to kidney failure ( despite treatment) the mother has taken up the cause by starting their own organ donation program and have lobbied to have a day of recognition set aside in our state (NC) ....
Anthony Bray MD : You are very welcome!! I wish you the best in this project and your future in general!! Take care!!

I'm sorry for your loss.. My father-in-law died of liver failure last year. It's a difficult thing to watch. I think a day of recognition would be wonderful

Anthony Bray MD : Anthony Bray MD


Anthony Bray MD : GOODBYE AND BEST REGARDS ***** *****!!
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