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Dr. Das, MD
Dr. Das, MD, Doctor
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I had knee surgery 10 weeks ago thry took out a cyst on the

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I had knee surgery 10 weeks ago thry took out a cyst on the meniscus and said I have a few areas grade 3 and 4 arthritis. I had an xray on my thigh hip and mri 4 weeks ago said I had a tumor the mri said it was a bone island I measured my left thigh at 16.5 inches and my right thigh is 21.5 inches my right thigh is retaining fluid I have high bp and also recently diagnosed hypothyroid and taking celebrex and synthroid 50mcg tablets also taking zanaflex as
my muscles thru my whole body have been
twitching non stop...I also have a foul watery
discharge from my rectum especially when im
active. I also have costochondritis.... what
doctor should I see my knee doc said see
someone who deals with autoimmune disease
as my mom can no longer walk due to sever swolen legs and she has the same smelly watery liquid except it comes from sores on her legs..what could I have and what type of doctor should I see

Welcome and thank you for your question.

You do seem to have symptoms in various systems of your body.

A bone island is a benign growth in the bone marow due to overgrowth of bone or catilage cells. it generally causes no problems and requires no treatment.

But the foul watery discharge from the rectum needs to be investigated - you need a stool test as well as a colonoscopy. You may even need a barium enema.

The differece in thickness of teh thighs need to be estimated by a professional - a proper measurement will help in diagnosing if you do have fluid retention. Fluid retention usally occurs first around the ankles and then higher up in the legs.

.Please see an internla medicine specialist first - he/she will be able to order a number of tests like tests for the liver, stool test a complete blood tests etc and also a general checkup to identify the medical condition you are suffering from. You will also be referred to the appropriate specialist.

I hope this helps.
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